Sunday School

Childrens Sunday School

Children of all ages can profit greatly from the word of God. The word of God is quick and lively, and the Holy Spirit uses the preached, taught, and memorized Word, even in the smallest of the Church’s members.

The primary part of our Sunday School program is Bible teaching. Beginning in Genesis and ending with Revelation, we teach through the major stories of the Bible during two year cycles, which means by the time a child completes the 6th grade they will have gone through the Bible at least four times.

Catechism is used to supplement Bible teaching. At two years of age children begin learning and memorizing the Children’s Catechism, moving on to the Heidelberg Catechism.

Scripture memorization is integrated in each of the children Sunday School classes, including Pre-Kindergarten.

Adult Sunday School

The Sunday School class is taught by Pastor Jason McMullan and Sunday School Teacher James Rhoades. Studies include books of the Bible and a variety of theological topics.

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